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Lockheed Martin Launches new Cyber Era at Port

Firm is first tenant at new technology building


Lockheed Martin — the largest defense contractor in the U.S. — is open for business at Port San Antonio.

In March, the firm launched its site at Project Tech’s Building One, the Port’s new secure facility for cybersecurity operations. There it will conduct laboratory work to develop new cyber tools for various Department of Defense (DoD) clients.

Lockheed Martin Cyber Solution established a site at the Port�s new secure facility for cybersecurity operations.

The first operation at Project Tech, Lockheed Martin is located directly across the street from the headquarters of the 24th Air Force’s Cyber Command — one of its principal clients.

“Being co-located is important,” said Lockheed Martin Vice President of Spectrum Convergence Deon Viergutz. “This will be an innovative environment that we envision over the coming years will be a place where Lockheed Martin and our customers are able to come together to collaborate in a single place where the mission is executed.”

Lockheed Martin’s Port San Antonio site houses two of its cybersecurity divisions: Spectrum Convergence and Cyber Solutions.  The company strategically designed its space to accommodate clients across both realms in conducting cyberwarfare exercises to test potential scenarios for offensive and defensive cybersecurity training. Among the tools under development at Lockheed Martin’s new site will be Henosis™, the company’s prototype for the U.S. Air Force’s Unified Platform.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the cyber mission and demands from our customers,” adds Viergutz. “We are counted on to address the most complex offensive and defensive challenges that our customer faces.”

The firm also plans to collaborate with local science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) partners to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals. 

Lockheed Martin Cyber Solutions plans to collaborate with local science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) partners to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals.

“Having Lockheed as a first major tenant in a brand-new facility is no small statement,” says Port San Antonio Vice President and Director of Cybersecurity Development Will Garrett. “They plan to invest in our community and build a talent pipeline, which makes this an exciting day.”

“It’s really exciting seeing Lockheed Martin here,” says Port San Antonio President and CEO Jim Perschbach. “If you’ve got connected challenges, you really need a connected solution. Having people who can work on those challenges side-by-side is just so important.”

Lockheed Martin Cyber Solutions will employ many cybersecurity professionals at the Port San Antonio location.

The Project Tech facility was designed as a secure and specialized center capable of supporting the collaboration between DoD contractors and government agencies. It is the first phase of a larger Innovation Ecosystem  concept to support regional job growth and sharpen San Antonio’s competitive edge by strengthening connections between technology employers, educators, the community and global opportunities.