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Longstanding Port San Antonio customer embarks on new project supporting some of the most popular commercial aircraft engines in the world.


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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS StandardAero, one of the world's largest independent providers of aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, has entered into its potentially largest agreement to date in the company's 100-year-plus history.

Under the new services agreement with CFM International — a joint venture between manufacturers GE Aerospace and Safran Aircraft Engines — StandardAero will maintain and modernize some of the top commercial aircraft used today: the LEAP-1A, which powers the Airbus A320neo family, and the LEAP-1B, which powers the Boeing 737-MAX series.



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This long-term partnership will give StandardAero the opportunity to win substantial future business that will potentially bring growth and additional jobs to the company's San Antonio location.

Both aircraft are among the most popular in the world, owned by numerous airlines, air cargo enterprises and other operators. The global fleet of aircraft relying on the two types of engines is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. StandardAero, with vast experience delivering high quality support to engines that power narrowbody aircraft, is the first independent (non-airline) provider in the world to join CFM's LEAP network.


The two engines that will be served by StandardAero power some of the most popular commercial aircraft in the world, including the Boeing MAX series (above) and Airbus' A320new family (below). (Photo credits: Boeing, Airbus) 


StandardAero's services will be provided at the company's largest complex, established nearly 25 years ago in the heart of Port San Antonio's technology campus. The San Antonio team will provide a full range of services within the 810,000-square-foot set of facilities, in which StandardAero has made significant investments in the last five years and features an array of industrial spaces, research labs and highly specialized aircraft engine test cells.


Above: StandardAero has made substantial investments to its vast space in the heart of Port San Antonio's technology campus. Facilities allow the company to provide a full array of aircraft engine maintenance and modernization services. Below: Among the highly specialized facilities operated by StandardAero's San Antonio team is a complex of aircraft engine test cells. (Photo credits: StandardAero, Port San Antonio) 


Furthermore, StandardAero will pioneer innovative ways to maintain and modernize the engines thanks to the company's Components and Accessories division, as well as its Repair and Development Center of Excellence. As a result of the ongoing research and development efforts, customers will be presented with a growing range of services available to them during the term of the agreement.

"This is a foundational win for StandardAero, and will ensure our presence at Port San Antonio for years to come," said James Campbell, StandardAero's Vice President and General Manager for Commercial Engines. "We are looking forward to expanding our footprint and workforce to meet the growing MRO market that the LEAP engine is driving."

"StandadAero took a chance on our young organization more than 20 years ago, and we are proud to have grown alongside one of our very first customers and couldn't be more excited of the opportunities ahead," said Port San Antonio President and CEO Jim Perschbach. "The company and its team have set an important example for our Port and our community: Leverage a foundation built on more than a century of hard work, integrity and talent, and go confidently toward a future that embraces innovation through strategic partnerships, ongoing learning and new connections between mature industries and an array of emerging technologies."

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