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Fixes, upgrades and construction

Recent and upcoming capital projects

Port San Antonio is a leading technology and innovation campus, connecting people and their industries to opportunities throughout South Texas, the nation and the world.

Our 1,900 acres are home to an array of private- and public-sector industries, including aerospace, cybersecurity, manufacturing, defense, applied technology and global logistics.

Nearly $1 billion dollars in capital improvements have taken place at the Port in the last 20 years. This includes significant upgrades to military facilities, new construction and big infrastructure upgrades.

The interactive map below provides an overview of recent, ongoing and upcoming development and redevelopment work being managed by our customers, public partners and the Port as key industries continue to grow here.

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Fixes, Upgrades &
Construction Map
Project Tech building I
Project Tech building 2
Air Force headquarters
Drainage infrastructure
Sewer upgrades
Road/intersection upgrades
Innovation Center
Entrance Enhancements
Campus-wide cyber upgrades: Finish-out by the Port and customers to establish specialized secure spaces for cyber operations.
Funding: $12 million (Port customers, Port)
Timeline: 2018-2020
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