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Organization inspires young people to pursue stem-based careers being created by port customers and other technology employers in the region.

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For over 15 years the Alamo Academies have been essential partners to industries throughout San Antonio. Alamo Academies, a non-profit organization, is a national award winning, innovative, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based model partnering with industry, Alamo Colleges, high schools and municipalities providing area high school students with a solid foundation to pursue careers in aerospace, information technology, advanced manufacturing, heavy industries and healthcare.

Participating high school juniors and seniors undergo a two-year program of rigorous college-level coursework attaining industry and academic certificates in their chosen fields. An essential component of their education is a paid internship with area employers.

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This winning formula makes the Academies a national example: aligning education, the energy and talent of young people, and the evolving workforce needs of the business community. Together, they are preparing young people to tackle lifelong careers in industries that have strong futures ahead.

For many San Antonio employers, including several aerospace operations based at the Port, the Academies are a primary resource to identify and recruit top-flight talent. Business executives and managers alike recognize that their support of the program—especially by participating in internships—provides not only an invaluable experience for the students. It is also essential to growing their businesses strategically as they compete globally. Alamo Academies: The Future of Business.

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