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San Antonio-area High School Senior Is Reaching for the Stars


Currently enrolled in her senior year of high school, Siddhi Raut has already reached many big milestones in her quest to be part of the leading edge of next-generation space science innovators.

Among her achievements, she was one of the first students enrolled in the groundbreaking three-year Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program, developed by the San Antonio-based WEX Foundation. There, she grew her foundation of knowledge in many different technologies that are coming together — including aerospace, robotics, 3D printing and data science — to fulfill humankind's ambitions to develop settlements on the Moon and Mars and otherwise harness the promise of space to the benefit of billions of people on Earth.

As part of her journey, Siddhi is also intently focused on supporting and inspiring other students, including through her educational nonprofit, Space Tourist.

Recently, we sat down with Raut as part of her ongoing podcast series. It was a terrific opportunity to talk about her plans, our work and our shared mission to connect people — especially the young — with a world of opportunities. 




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