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Air Force Agencies at Port San Antonio

16th Air Force (Air Forces Cyber)

16 af

102 Hall Blvd #106
San Antonio, TX 78243
Air Forces Cyber Homepage

The 16th Air Force, also known as Air Forces Cyber, integrates multisource intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, cyber warfare, electronic warfare, and information operations capabilities across the conflict continuum to ensure that the Air Force is fast, lethal and fully integrated in both competition and in war. 16th Air Force provides mission integration of information warfare at operational and tactical levels — recognizing the role of information in creating dilemmas for adversaries in competition and future conflicts.

67th Cyberspace Wing


Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9853
67th Cyberspace Wing Homepage

he 67th Cyberspace Wing is aligned under 16th Air Force. The wing serves as the 16th Air Force's execution arm for generating, projecting and sustaining combat power with the employment of the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter weapon system.

688th Cyberspace Wing


Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9853
688th Cyberspace Wing Homepage

The 688th Cyberspace Wing is the Air Force's premier cyberspace warfighting organization dedicated to delivering actionable intelligence and tactics, techniques, and procedures, deployable warfighter communications, engineering and installation capabilities, defensive cyber operations, and network security operations across the Air Force Information Network enterprise.

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)

2261 Hughes Ave, Suite 155
JBSA Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9853
(210) 395-8235
AFCEC Homepage

A Field Operating Agency (FOA) of the Air Force that provides a full range of technical and professional services in areas related to environmental restoration, pollution prevention, environmental planning, real property management, design and construction management, and comprehensive planning and design.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)


Lackland AFB, TX 78243
AFLCMC Homepage

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) is one of six centers reporting to the Air Force Materiel Command and is charged with life cycle management of Air Force weapon systems from their inception to retirement. AFLCMC provides holistic management of weapon systems across their life cycle and simplifies/consolidates staff functions and processes to curtail redundancy and enhance efficiency. 

Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC)


3515 S General McMullen Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 395-1900
AFIMSC Homepage

The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) is one of six centers aligned under Air Force Materiel Command for the United States Air Force. AFIMSC serves as the single intermediate-level headquarters responsible for providing installation and mission support capabilities to 77 Air Force installations and provides globally integrated management, resourcing and combat support operations for Airmen and family services, base communications, chaplain, civil engineering, contracting, logistics readiness, public affairs, security forces and financial management programs.

Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA)

Lackland AFB, TX 78235
AFMRA Homepage

The Air Force Medical Readiness Agency assists the Air Force Surgeon General in providing enterprise-level policy development, management and oversight of medical readiness programs, strategic partnerships, medical capability development, operational medical logistics, dental operations, aerospace and operational medicine liaison capabilities, oversight of the clinical aspects of medical operations in the deployed environment and support to programs unique to the Air Force mission.