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Foreign Trade Zone #80-10

Port San Antonio’s entire 1,900 acre site is covered by a General Purpose Foreign-Trade Zone (#80-10) designation, allowing our customers the option of activation at any of the Port’s sites or existing buildings.

Foreign-Trade Zones are considered outside the territory of the U.S. for customs purposes. Therefore, goods admitted in a designated Foreign-Trade Zone are not subject to formal U.S. Customs entries or payment of duties while in the zone.

Financial Advantages Provided by Use of a Foreign-Trade Zone

  • Improved Cash Flow: Duty payments may be deferred.
  • Reduction of Duties: Minor assembly of merchandise is allowable. Duties may be paid on components or finished products.
  • Lower Inventory Costs: Reduced duty rates on imported goods during the time they are warehoused within the FTZ.
  • Improved Logistics: Goods may be stored for unlimited periods of time.

Operations which are well suited to maximized the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone:


  • Assembly
  • Warehouse
  • Testing
  • Repair
  • Manufacture
  • Re-package
  • Salvage
  • Label

Activated Foreign-Trade Zone User

This multi-faceted service and assembly company, also headquartered in San Antonio, operates an activated Foreign-Trade Zone.

Contact: Optech (Operational Technologies Corporation)
4100 NW Loop 410, Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Office: (210) 926-8888

OpTech Services

FTZ operation:

  • Reduction of Duties & Taxes: Duty Deferral, Reduction and elimination; Waste Duty Elimination; Inventory Tax Elimination
  • Optimized Customs transactions:  Consolidated Clearances & releases to reduce transactional costs.  Utilization of the FTZ as a In transit consolidation point for all your foreign origin suppliers where you can ship to clients all over the globe.
  • Full Warehousing, Fulfillment services & Transportation

Value added Services:

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Light Assembly, Kitting, Packaging, sequencing
  • Merge in transit
  • Testing and configuration
  • Returns Management
  • Supplier development and management