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Businesses at Port San Antonio

Here is a list of the over 80 organizations at Port San Antonio, which encompass a wide array of fields-aerospace, military, education, business support services, contractors, government agencies, manufacturers and logistics, among many others.

Accenture Federal Services

3203 General Hudnell Dr., Suite 317
San Antonio, TX 78226

Accenture Federal Services delivers the next generation of programs to help the federal government be more innovative, agile, and secure. Capabilities include technologies in machine learning, data analytics, full-spectrum cyber, open source analytics, cloud engineering, DevSecOps and multi-INT analytics. At the Port, the firm supports an ongoing cybersecurity contract with the Air Force. 


Alamo City Floor Care Solutions

709 Raymond Medina
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 778-2529

Alamo City Floor Care Solutions is a family owned business that specializes in tile and grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing. The company utilizes the most advanced technology for floor restoration. 

Alamo Regional Security Operations Center, ARSOC

Alamo Regional Security Operations Center, ARSOC

638 Davy Crockett Suite #100
San Antonio, TX 78226

San Antonio has launched the nation's premier regional cybersecurity operations center. The Alamo Regional Security Operations Center (ARSOC) strengthens around-the-clock collaboration between the City of San Antonio and CPS Energy information security personnel to safeguard the community’s critical infrastructure against a growing threat environment. The new integrated center on the Port San Antonio technology campus will facilitate collaboration with region’s other experts and will serve as a model for communities nationwide. 

More about ARSOC

Applied Research Associates

919 Billy Mitchell Blvd. Suite 115
San Antonio, Texas 78226


Applied Research Associates is an R&D firm whose innovative technologies and solutions improve the overall safety, security and way of life for for people.

Atlantic Aviation logo


309 N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 921-6100

Serves as the fixed-base operator at Kelly Field—supporting Air Force, private and charter flights at the Port’s industrial airport. The company provides a wide range of aviation services, offering airport customers a full range of fueling/de-fueling, maintenance/repair and aircraft storage support as well as 30,000 square feet in ramp space.


More about Atlantic Aviation

Avance logo


807 and 809 Buckner
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 220-1788

Nonprofit agency that provides innovative education and family support services to predominantly Hispanic families in low-income, at-risk communities throughout the country. Dedicated to promoting school readiness and supporting family engagement, AVANCE serves as a national model and best practice of early childhood education for parents, teachers, the scientific community and general public. Headquartered in San Antonio, AVANCE maintains part of its office operations at Port San Antonio.

Bario Aviation logo


401 N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

(830) 460-9028 ext. 101

Operating out of a hangar space at Port San Antonio, Bario Aviation, Inc. is a flight school dedicated to providing flight training for all levels of pilots. The company also offers services such as aircraft rentals, instrument proficiency checks and aircraft maintenance.

More about Bario Aviation

Boeing logo


375 Airlift Drive 
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 600-8002, Careers at Boeing

The world’s leading aerospace firm maintains important operations at Port San Antonio providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services for military and commercial aircraft.

First established at Kelly Field in 1998, the company’s facilities at Port San Antonio support a dynamic workforce. The firm occupies numerous facilities, including the world’s largest freestanding hangar, measuring approximately one million square feet.

More about Boeing’s operations at Port San Antonio.



3133 General Hudnell
San Antonio, Texas 78226

703-377-7109 , Careers at BAH

Provides consulting services to the federal intelligence, infrastructure/environment, cyber, military intelligence and medical communities—especially in the areas of human capital management, business process reengineering, information technology support and physical infrastructure program management. The company established its Port San Antonio office—its third location in the region—to better support a diversified portfolio of Air Force clients, most of whom are located in Building 171 and other facilities in the Lackland Annex at Port San Antonio’s Lackland Annex.

More about Booz Allen Hamilton

CACI logo


3203 General Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

CACI is a leading provider of real-time spectrum management, C4ISR, and cyber products and solutions to the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

Our expertise also extends to address market needs for solutions enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications, spectrum operations and management, free-space optical communications (FSOC), and software vulnerability analysis.

More about CACI


Capital Factory

3331 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78226

Strategic new location in the heart of the Port campus provides Capital Factory members with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and support national defense operations, while connecting the Port campus deeper into the startup communities of Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

More about Capital Factory 

CDI Technology Services logo


3422 General Hudnell 
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 488-9066

A full-service electrical contractor, CDI Technology Services provides the complete range of electrical and data communications services vital to business, such as the design, installation and maintenance of power systems and infrastructure for data center and other critical environments.

Chromalloy logo


391 Industrial Park
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 331-2300

Chromalloy has operated a large repair and manufacturing center at Port San Antonio since 1999, providing turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services to the U.S. Air Force and major airlines around the world. With the award of a 15-year TF39 military aircraft engine program contract, the operation secured its FAA repair station certificate in 2001 and entered the commercial market with CF6 component repairs that mirrored its TF39 repair capability. Today the operation at Port San Antonio offers a full array of products and services for a wide variety of turbine engine cases and frames, combustors, rotating parts, and gearbox parts.

More about Chromalloy’s work at Port San Antonio.

CIG Logistics logo


402 N. Tayman St.
San Antonio, TX 78226

For deliveries: (210) 760-9881

A full service shipping and freight handling specialist, CIG Logistics offers customized and integrated logistics services. The company specializes in all aspects of transloading, with services ranging from designing, building, and operating a customer’s terminal to simply acting as a third-party transloader. With expected growth in demand from energy customers, CIG Logistics has ample room to expand tracks and provide additional support specializing in drilling sand and equipment serving the Eagle Ford Shale region. The company also supports the region’s construction industry, among others.

San Antonio Fire Department logo


103 Arts & Crafts Way
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 922 2917 or (210) 922-2903

The city’s municipal fire department’s Station 12 is located at Port San Antonio to respond to local emergencies. In emergencies, do not call the local station. Dial 9-1-1.

CNF Technologies

3203 General Hudnell Dr
San Antonio, Texas 78226 

(210) 957-2800, More about CNF Technologies at Port San Antonio

CNF Technologies secures our nation through world class research, development, integration, and operation of cyber technologies. The company specializes in information assurance, network defense, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, patch management, incident response and forensic analysis, among other areas of cybersecurity.

More about CNF Technologies


Compass Rose Ingenuity

522 Billy Mitchell Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 540-9265,

Compass Rose serves the San Antonio region and offers curricula and special programs connected with industries that are thriving at the Port, such as aerospace, cybersecurity, robotics, IT and several applied technologies. 

More about Compass Rose

Xero logo


2822 General Hudnell Dr. (main entrance)
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 526-3028

A leading global provider of business process outsourcing solutions. The firm previously operated at Port San Antonio under the name of ACS—Affiliated Computer Systems—before being acquired by Xerox and now known as Conduent. The firm serves public sector and private customers. At Port San Antonio the company houses a call center with approximately 800 employees overseeing data management and disbursement functions, which include processing consumer credit card applications. It is also the site for the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), which processes millions of child support payments statewide each year on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

Controlled F.O.R.C.E. logo

Controlled F.O.R.C.E.

3133 Gen. Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(630) 365-1700

The company provides an array of services to the law enforcement community, including training for municipal and state police departments as well as military police. The company already provides training to JBSA Security Forces Airmen.



638 Davy Crockett #175
San Antonio, Texas 78226

The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) is an inclusive national research institute with major leading research universities, national laboratories and companies in cybersecurity, smart and energy efficient manufacturing, and deep expertise in research and development, supply chains, factory automation and workforce development. CyManII is partnering with Port San Antonio to launch the CyManII Manufacturing Innovation Park with will serve as a place-based center for innovation, product testing and automation.

fidelis cyber security logo


3133 General Hudnell Dr. 
Ste 200
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 932-5524

Established in 2002, Fidelis Cybersecurity aims to protect the world’s most sensitive data by keeping pace with attackers’ tools and tactics. Among the methods Fidelis Cybersecurity utilizes are deep session inspection, incident response services, network analytics and endpoint detection and response. Fidelis Cybersecurity’s customers range from a 205-person financial services firm in the Midwest to the world’s largest technology, manufacturing and professional services companies.

Fiesta Warehousing logo


302 N Tayman 
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 923-7751

One of the region’s largest third-party logistics company, Fiesta offers warehousing and transportation services to an array customers by providing logistics, value-added support and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the industries it supports. The company specializes in storage and distribution of groceries, consumer products and break bulk cargo. Fiesta operates a 316,000-square-foot public warehouse at East Kelly Railport, which includes rail and truck cross-docking access with capacity for 20 railcars at a time.


FIRST in Texas

709 Raymond Medina
San Antonio, TX 78226

FIRST in Texas supports robotics teams and events across Texas, with a focus on increasing accessibility for low-income and underrepresented students. FIRST in Texas utilizes its 3,000-square-foot Port San Antonio site to store equipment used for robotics competitions throughout the state.

GBW Railcar Services logo


497 S. Tayman
San Antonio, Texas78226

(210) 921-1900

GBW Railcar Services revolves around manufacturing, leasing, asset management and repair. Nationally, the company’s services include manufacturing, leasing, asset management and rail car repair. At Port San Antonio, GBW Railcar Services occupies 32 acres of ground space at the East Kelly Railport for servicing and repairing rail cars.


638 Davy Crockett Ste. 115
San Antonio, TX 78226

GDIT develops advanced cyber and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions to support the Sixteenth Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) and other customers. 

GoAeroMx logo


311 N Frank Luke Drive
San Antonio , Texas 78226

GoAeroMx is a maintenance services company developed from worldwide operating and management experience of VIP transport category aircraft. The company’s maintenance and technical operations staff have a deep knowledge in regulatory compliance, program development, auditing, and in service technical support. GoAeroMx has a long working relationship with multiple aviation authorities including BDCA, CAACI, EASA, FAA and TCCA.


GovCIO (formerly Salient CRGT)

3133 General Hudnell Dr. Ste 125
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 757-4182

GovCIO is a professional services company dedicated to delivering IT services and solutions through state-of-the art technologies. The company’s Port San Antonio operations focus on IT training services for federal government agencies.



927 Billy Mitchell Blvd. Suite 102
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 527-8401

Designs, implements and operates comprehensive supply chain solutions worldwide for organizations and government/defense agencies such as Avaya, Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Kidde, Logitech, Pratt & Whitney, Siemens Medical Solutions, Sikorsky Aircraft, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Postal Service and Verizon Wireless. GXO Logistics oversees large warehouse operations at Port San Antonio, where it primarily supports onsite projects for the region’s aerospace industry.

Hatchbed San Antonio logo


903 Buckner Dr
San Antonio, TX 78226

Hatchbed provides customized solutions and research and development for the dynamic global industries of self-driving and autonomous vehicles, robotics, data analysis, AI and software systems. The firm's development and consulting services, such as open source software application, custom software development and automation technology audits, help to accelerate clients' needs.

Haas Group International logo


919 Billy Mitchell Blvd. Suite 129
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 696-2626

Founded in 1995 with the goal to administer the gentlest and most appropriate care for homebound individuals, Homecare Dimensions strives to provide the best in comprehensive homecare to the communities and patients it serves. The company makes the homecare process easy and stress-free by facilitating communications between patients and their referring physicians, case managers and primary care physicians. Homecare Dimensions’ team of dedicated professionals holds extensive managed care experience and operates in six locations: North and South San Antonio; Austin; Alice; Corpus Christi; and Laredo.

IFCO systems


601 Raymond Medina Street Bay E
San Antonio, Texas78226

(210) 932-1413

An international logistics service provider with more than 210 locations worldwide, the company is a global supplier of plastic shipping containers and pallets. Reusable Container Systems operates a vast warehouse and distribution center at Port San Antonio.

Indo-MIM logo


3902 SW 36th St.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

The company is a global leader in the production of precision component parts through metal injection molding (MIM) technology. Manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical equipment, defense and other advanced industries use the company’s products.

More about Indo-MIM



3331 General Hudnell Suite 3
San Antonio, Texas 78226

IntelliGenesis supports Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers by providing next-generation cyber services & analytics, machine learning & data science, all-source analysis and mission application development. In addition to its service-based efforts, IntelliGenesis also offers innovative commercial IT and Cyber products to solve customers’ most complex data challenges.



616 Perrin
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 928-2230, Careers at Intertek

Specializes in emissions testing, inspection and the certification of products. Initially established at Port San Antonio as Carnot Emission Services, the firm operates locally as Intertek USA, Inc. The company’s industrial facility at the Port focuses on the testing of engines.

More about Intertek

ip-secure logo


903 Billy Mitchell Blvd. Suite 105 and 107
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 877-1111

Founded in 2000, IPSecure originally operated in the world of software development. The company soon evolved to include telecommunications and computer security, with the goal to provide aggressive security and information assurance support to all customers. Through many years of success, IP Secure has grown to include computer network attack/defense/exploitation of government and commercial networks.

More about IPSecure

Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics

311. N. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

(248) 446-4265

Kawasaki Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems that serve a wide range of applications across diverse industries. The company's Port San Antonio site supports clients such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Texas.

Knight Aerospace

Knight Aerospace

3606 SW 36th Street, Suite 101
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 433-9961

Knight Aerospace designs, manufactures, integrates, and modifies a wide variety of roll-on/roll-off products, Aircraft Interiors, Palletized Interiors, VIP Transport and Medical Evacuation Solutions.  Additional products include Ground Support Equipment as well as overhaul and refurbishment for various other products. Its products are utilized and approved by various OEMs including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Embraer, Airbus, Leonardo, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Knight Aerospace also distributes products for various manufacturers including Wolverine Industries, manufacturers the Next -Gen All Aluminum Cargo Pallet, and Kinedyne-The Cargo Control People, who provides premier cargo control products.

More about Knight Aerospace


L-3 Communications Integrated Systems

401 Lombard Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

L-3 Communications Integrated Systems supplies command and control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems and products to private aerospace contractors and government agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. 


3203 General Hudnell Dr. Ste 301

San Antonio TX, 78226

Leidos is a global 45,000-employee, Fortune 500 enterprise committed to making the world safer, healthier, and more efficient by providing solutions that transform business and change the world.



919 Billy Mitchell, Suite 141
San Antonio, TX 78226 

(210) 433-8201

Master Clean Services is a janitorial, facility maintenance and management services provider. Master Clean’s customer base includes the National Security Agency, Air Force Facilities, commercial property managers, manufacturing and industrial facilities, medical office buildings, retail stores, and other high-security facilities.

nti logo

Namauu Technological & Industrial (NTI)

205 S. Frank Luke Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 588-0058

Namauu Technological and Industrial (NTI) is an SBA super 8(a) and HUBZone certified firm that specializes in utilizing certified industry recognized standards to provide cyberspace and DEVSECOPS services. The organization was founded by and is operated from its highest to its lowest levels by industry certified and recognized subject matter experts. NTI views its internal business processes, which are compliant with industry standards such as ITSM, ISO, NIST, DCAA, CMMC and CMMI, as key components in ensuring its customers receive dependable, predictable, mission focused and agile solutions. 

Northrop Grumman


3203 General Hudnell Suite 110
San Antonio, Texas 78226

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide, offering an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies for applications from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace.

More about Northrop Grumman

NTC Mazzuca Contracting

3133 General Hudnell, Suite 120
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(410) 964-0101

NTC Mazzuca Contracting provides pre-construction and construction services to commercial clients, such as design assist, site surveys, permit procurement, conceptual budgets, value engineering, long lead identification, construction management and SCIF design. 

OpTech (Operational Technologies Corporation logo


913 Billy Mitchell Blvd., Suite 106
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 926-8888

Since inception, OpTech has been committed to providing technologically advanced solutions to our global clients by applying the highest levels of quality & integrity in the services we perform.
We provide the full breadth of Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions for clients in the Technology, Energy and Government Service sectors.

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Assembly/Manufacturing - Repair/Refurbishment
  • Turnkey & Transformation Project Management
  • Staffing & HR Consulting

TOG is a minority owned company established in 1986 with the following certifications: MBE, SMSDC, ISO 9001:2008, The Supplier Clearinghouse Certification, TL9000, 6σ and SDVOSB (through our partner OES)

We deliver specific solutions through strategic alliances with world-class partner to ensure a robust set of end-to-end solutions and to quickly gain capacity and capability for the benefit of our clients.

More about OpTech



3331 General Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

Peraton is a leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider that supports several defense customers at the Port and across San Antonio. The firm operates within the Capital Factory space at Boeing Center at Tech Port. 

Plus One-Robotics logo


639 Billy Mitchell Blvd, Suite 185
San Antonio, Tx 78226

Plus One Robotics supplies robotics software solutions to manufacturers building hardware to work alongside humans. The company supports the mission of ’always-on’ logistics by mitigating the persistent shortage of manual labor and allowing personnel to flow from monotonous tasks to higher value work. Through the implementation of high performance manipulators with advanced vision capabilities, Plus One robots bridge the gap between steady state volume and surge.

More about Plus One Robotics

Tech Port Provisions


An array of dining options are located inside the Boeing Center at Tech Port
3331 General Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

Capos Pizzeria






Mr. G. Sushi

Mr. G. Sushi

savage coffee






SAISD Foundation

141 Lavaca St.
San Antonio, Texas 78210

(210) 554-2235

Operating as an independent 501 (c) (3) public charity, the SAISD Foundation works to ignite innovation and passion for student success across San Antonio ISD and across the San Antonio community.  The SAISD Foundation supports investments in classrooms, schools, and the District that benefit students and teachers. The foundation is an active partner for SAISD.  In addition to investing in grants to educators, the SAISD Foundation invests in innovative programs, new innovative schools and strategic initiatives across the District.



3331 General Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 338-0439

Founded in 2016 and headquartered at Port San Antonio, SAMSAT is home to a major collection of technological artifacts, including items ranging from early computing machines to first-generation inventions that have revolutionized the world -- such as wireless networks, camera phones and cybersecurity hardware. SAMSAT strives to become a world-class science center and has developed a STEM museum (Area 21) and an innovation incubator that supports educational programs and engage area teachers, students and their families.

More about SAMSAT



3006 General Hudnell Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 225-0462

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the leading resource, advocate, and access point for Hispanic businesses, Hispanics in business, and the Hispanic market.

More about San Antonio Hispanic Chamber 

San Antonio Police Department logo


711 Davy Crockett
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 394-0940

The SAPD’s Blue Santa program collects and distributes toys and food items to the region’s needy families during the Christmas season. Each year, the SAPD utilizes warehouse space at Port San Antonio to support the effort.


SRS Distribution

309 Clarence Tinker, #109
San Antonio, TX 78226


Encompassing more than 440 locations across 45 states, SRS Distribution Inc. serves a nationwide network of professional roofing distributors to deliver best practice solutions. 

StandardAero logo


3523 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 334-6000, Careers at StandardAero

One of the largest aircraft maintenance and aviation service businesses in the world, StandardAero provides comprehensive services to commercial, military, business aviation, helicopters and industrial operators. The company’s Port San Antonio operation began in 1998 and conducts military and commercial aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul work.

More about StandardAero.

strac logo


309 Clarence Tinker Dr. #113
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(210) 233-5850

The Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC) is designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to develop, implement and maintain the regional trauma and emergency healthcare system for the 22 counties in Trauma Service Area - P (TSA-P). TSA-P has a mixture of urban, suburban, rural and frontier areas, from the 7th largest city in the US to the Mexican border, encompassing over 26,000 square miles in southwest Texas. STRAC is one of twenty-two regional advisory councils in Texas that comprise the Texas Trauma / Emergency Healthcare system.

Tech Port Esports, a LAN gaming center

Tech Port Esports

3331 General Hudnell Dr
 San Antonio, TX 78226

Welcome to the ultimate gaming destination! Our LAN Gaming Center is your one-stop-shop for all things gaming. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, we have everything you need for an epic gaming experience. From high-speed internet and top-of-the-line gaming PCs to a wide selection of games and a vibrant gaming community, we have it all. 

Join us for hours of fun and excitement as you immerse yourself in the latest and greatest games. Compete against friends or make new ones as you battle it out in your favorite games. With comfortable seating, state-of-the-art equipment, and a lively atmosphere, our LAN Gaming Center is the perfect place to unleash your inner gamer.

Texas Materials


East Kelly Railport
San Antonio, TX 78226

A leading producer of construction materials, Texas Materials operates a nine-acre site at the East Kelly Railport that allows for the efficient movement of raw materials, preparation of asphalt products on-site and quick delivery of these materials to road and highway construction projects throughout the region.

toyota tshusho america inc. logo


202 N. Tayman
San Antonio, TX 78226

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. is a multi-market, multi-business enterprise which has been operating in North America for over 50 years. The company is focused on developing new manufacturing and intermediate goods processing and is responsible for Toyota’s global parts and logistics. At Toyota Tsusho America’s Port San Antonio manufacturing facility, the company develops automotive products critical to Toyota’s existing operations in south San Antonio.

Triple S Steel logo


2042 West Thompson Place
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 431-0088, Careers at Triple S Steel

Houston-based Triple-S Steel specializes in the sale of steel products worldwide, with a focus on serving the industrial market. The company’s state-of-the-art sales and distribution warehouse at Port San Antonio totals over 300,000 square feet and features nine overhead cranes and a full showroom of fabrication accessories and ornamental products for wholesale and retail customers.

Two Six Technologies

919 Billy Mitchell Blvd. Suite 119
San Antonio, Texas 78226

(703) 543-9662

Two Six Technologies provides R&D, innovation and expertise in cybersecurity, information operations, data science, electronic systems, mobility and user experience to Department of Defense clients, including DARPA, Department of State, U.S. Cyber Command and the Department of Homeland Security. 

United States Air Force logo


The Air Force has a strong and growing presence at Port San Antonio. Of the almost 16,000 people who work at Port San Antonio, about half are civilian and military Air Force personnel, employed by several agency headquarters and other operations at the site.

Lackland Annex is located at Port San Antonio—a 45-acre force-protected area that contains the 450,000-square-foot Building 171 and four additional facilities. Smaller Air Force operations are located throughout Port San Antonio.

View a directory of Air Force agencies and other operations at Port San Antonio

Vitop, Smurfitkappa


202 N. Tayman St. Ste. 400B
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 961-7670

Vitop is known worldwide as the top producer of Bag-in-Box® (BIB) taps and connectors, particularly in the wine sector. Vitop's 100,000-square-foot facility at the Port provides it with the necessary space to create innovative taps for not only the wine sector, but for the detergent market as well.



102 Dunton
San Antonio, Texas 78226 

(409) 383-4165, Careers at Watco

One of the country’s leading operators of short-rail lines, in 2012 Watco inaugurated its service at East Kelly Railport. The company handles railcar switching from BNSF Railway and Union Pacific connections adjacent to the 350-acre Railport. Watco is adding over 15,000 feet of new track to the existing 20,000 feet at the Railport and oversees rail maintenance throughout the site to support warehousing, distribution, transloading, manufacturing and trucking customers at Port San Antonio.

Wex foundation

Wex Foundation

102 Mabry Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78226

(210) 404-2981

WEX Foundation’s new site at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology supports growth of STEM education based on space exploration.

More About Wex Foundation

workforce solutions alamo

Workforce Solutions

638 Davy Crockett # 160
San Antonio, Texas 78226

An agency whose mission is to strengthen the Alamo regional economy by growing and connecting talent pipelines to employers.



641 Berman Rd
San Antonio, TX 78226

Dutch firm XYREC’s new U.S. Operation will grow award-winning innovation for precision laser de-painting of aircraft and other large vessels. 

New strategic location allows the company to collaborate with region’s innovators as it markets its products to a global clientele. 

More about XYREC