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As the Port campus continues to grow and provides important career, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of people across the community, there are many big construction projects taking place right now and new ones that will launch in the months ahead.

As we continue to grow this property, the large monuments, sculptures, historic markers and hundreds of commemorative bricks from the park located along Gen. Hudnell Drive just to the north of the intersection of Gen. McMullen Dr. will be relocated to several new spots throughout our campus in the months ahead. As they are redistributed to new locations, they will continue to be accessible to the public and tell the story of Kelly AFB and the people who first built this large and important property.

In the meantime, all artifacts have been carefully removed, catalogued and are currently in secure storage.

map of Former Monument park

As we continue moving forward with plans to grow this property as a destination for all San Antonians, including launching a new innovation center, an expanded museum and other offerings, we will also create a more walkable and connected campus. As we do so, the monuments, historic markers and commemorative bricks now in storage will be placed where they will once again be visible and accessible to all visitors.

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And please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (210) 362-7800 or via email at is you have any questions.

UPDATE 2/11/2020

Experienced personnel recently meticulously catalogued and removed hundreds of bricks commemorating Air Force and Kelly personnel. All items are now in safe storage and will be relocated to other parts of the campus where they will continue to tell the history of the former Kelly AFB and celebrate the people who built this property.

Monument flag, statue bust

statue busts

brick pavers

brick pavers monument

monument b20

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